Simplified CMM inspection provides a flexible approach to more productive quality control

By LK Metrology
schedule9th Nov 21

'It is unusual within manufacturing industry to see a coordinate measuring machine nested with multiple components, but it is a perfectly feasible way of operation.'
Tony Blood, Quality Manager, WLR Precision Engineering

Two coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) manufactured by LK Metrology, Castle Donington ( have largely superseded the use of a pair of smaller capacity, 15-yearold machines in the inspection room at contract machining specialists WLR Precision Engineering,Wilford, Nottinghamshire ( To enable production operators as well as quality inspectors to operate the new CMMsand access the measurement reports easily, the machines have been supplied with LK Launchpad, an icon-driven, touch-screen operator menu, and a network of viewing screens and tablets.

The simplified operator menu lists all the available inspection programs and the exact position the part should be placed on the machine table for inspection, giving operators the confidence to perform measurement tasks in just a few clicks. It greatly enhances flexibility and opens up the system for use by non-specialist CMM operators. Measured results and automatically generated reports may be shared between screens, tablets and other networked devices for easy access and viewing from any location.

Find out more at: Simplified CMM inspection provides a flexible approach to more productive quality control - LK Metrology 

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